Международные научные подразделения

Yuri Semenovich Kivshar

Distinguished Professor

Pavel Aleksandrovich Belov

PhD, Doctor of Science

Categories of research

  • Compensation of losses in metamaterials
  • Wire metamaterials and its application in MRI
  • All-Dielectric Optical Nanoantennas
  • Development of a software system for supercomputer simulation of nanophotonics components and circuits using FDTD
  • Spontaneous radiation of a finite-size dipole emitter in hyperbolic media
  • Double-shell metamaterial coatings for plasmonic cloaking
  • Optically-controllable magnetic metamaterials
  • Nanoantennas in photovoltaics: improving the efficiency of thin-film solar cells
  • Superlens with sloped faces
  • Flexible Helices for Nonlinear Metamaterials
  • Subwavelength plasmonic kinks, solitons and oscillons in arrays of nonlinear metallic nanoparticles

Alexey Alexeevich Bobtsov

Professor, PhD

Romeo Ortega


Categories of research

  • Development of new methods of adaptive control of linear and nonlinear dynamical systems under external disturbances and unrecorded dynamics
  • Synthesis methods of investigation and control of oscillatory processes in nonlinear dynamical systems
  • Adaptive compensation of sinusoidal perturbations in mechatronic systems
  • Biotechnology research development and management system robotic systems
  • Identification of the parameters of the harmonic signal under external perturbations
  • Development of control algorithms for mechatronic and robotic systems under conditions of incomplete information about the parameters of the object and operational environment
  • Trajectory control of robotic systems under constraints and uncertainties
  • Qualitative methodology for applying sustainability in the design of digital systems with concentrated and distributed parameters
  • Experimental studies of nonlinear phenomena of hysteresis and intermittency in the dynamics of pulsed DC converters
  • Experimental studies of zones of uncertainty state pulsed DC converters in the vicinity of the bifurcation point
  • Control and evaluation of distributed systems with information constraints
  • Nonlinear and adaptive control of dynamic objects with restricted control input

Sergei Arkadevich Kozlov

Professor, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences

Ksi Cheng Zhang

Categories of research

  • Femtosecond optics and femtotehnologies
  • Quantum Informatics
  • Terahertz Biomedicine
  • Digital and Display Holography

Andrei Vilkhovich Kaiava

Professor, PhD

Mayya Valerevna Uspenskaya

Professor, Dr. Sci. Chem..

Categories of research

  • The main research topics of the Institute are
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Modeling of macromolecules and biosystems
  • Biodegradable and resorbable materials
  • Drug Delivery
  • Cell Engineering
  • Creation of materials for sanitary purposes
  • Nanomedicine
  • Biosensors
  • Biotechnology
  • BioChemical Engineering
  • The creation of artificial organs
  • Smart materials

Anatoly V. Fedorov

Professor, PhD, Doctor of Science in Optics

Categories of research

  • Theory and modelling of semiconductor, dielectric, and metallic nanostructures
  • Research and development of nanomaterials, nanostructures, micro- and nanodevices

Kharri Kalevi Lipsanen

Doctor of Technology

Categories of research

  • Modeling and optimization of LED materials structural properties
  • Study of the heat transfer of LED lamps
  • UV integrated COB assembly
  • Substrates based on single crystals of gallium oxide
  • Advanced materials with unique optical and thermal properties for a new generation of solid state light sources for replacement of conventional phosphors (composite materials, carbon-based nanostructures, transparent oxides)
  • New nanostructured metallic conductors for wires and cables with increased conductivity and improved strength characteristics
  • Construction of theoretical models describing the micro-mechanics of defects behavior and physical mechanisms of structure formation, relaxation of residual stresses and plastic deformation in composite nanostructures and bulk nanomaterials

Vladimir Ulyantsev

Valerii Vladimirovich Viatkin

Categories of research

  • Bioinformatics
  • Programming technologies
  • Evolutionary Computation

Petrus Mariia Arnoldus Sloot

Categories of research

  • 00.77.00 Modeling and simulation in the humanities and social sciences
  • 04.21.71 Social planning and forecasting
  • 20.23.27 Geographic Information Systems
  • 20.15.05 Information services, networks, systems in general
  • 26.00.00 Complex problems of Social Sciences
  • 27.03.66 Mathematical structures. Model theory
  • 27.35.00 Mathematical models of the natural sciences and engineering. Equations of mathematical physics
  • 27.35.33 Mathematical models
  • 28.29.03 Utility theory and decision-making
  • 28.29.00 System analysis
  • 28.23.13 Knowledge Engineering
  • 28.19.31 Systems identification
  • 28.19.27 Self-organizing systems
  • 27.47.23 Mathematical problems of artificial intelligence
  • 28.17.33 Computer simulation of reality. Virtual reality.

David Avnir


Vladimir Valentinovich Vinogradov


Categories of research

  • Sol - gel materials for biochemical engineering
  • New sol - gel materials for semiconductor technology
  • Functionalized nanoparticles and highly porous materials
  • Low temperature sol - gel synthesis

Ivan A Shelykh

Ivan Vladimirovich Iorsh

Categories of research

  • Investigation of spin-related phenomena in polariton transport
  • Indirect excitons and dipolaritons
  • Hybrid polariton-electron systems
  • Transport properties of dressed electrons in low dimensional systems
  • Design of novel functional optical materials based on fullerenes and atomic nano-clusters
  • Advanced Materials for Quantum Information Processing, Storage and Computing

Sergei L'vovich Molodtsov

Categories of research

  • The purpose of research is to develop new methods of studying the structure and functional properties of nanosystems with high spatial, energy and time resolution using a set of methods, including X-ray Free Electron Laser (european and other facilities of XFEL).

Konstantin Nikolaevich Volkov

Pavel Viktorovich Bulat


Categories of research

  • Non-contact gas bearings, oil-free mechatronic components and transmissions
  • The detonation jet engines

Categories of research

  • Development of functional materials for solid state power converters
  • Development of highly efficient thermoelectrics based on nanostructures