Laser Processing

Partner Country: FINLAND

University partner: Oulu

Place of study: Russia, Finland
The result of the program: Master of Science (ITMO University), Master of Science (LUT).
Duration: 2 Years (120 credits), including 1-2 semesters at LUT.
Master of Science (ITMO University), Master of Science (LUT).
Language: English
Deadline for submission of documents: 01 July 2018
Entry requirements: Bachelor's degree in laser technologies, physics or other relevant fields with good/excellent grades. Upper-intermediate level of English. For admission to the partner university IELTS or TOEFL may be required*
Cost: 219 000 Rub for Russian students, 239 000 Rub for foreign students (the fee noted is for the first year at ITMO, the fee for the second year will be set by the Partner University)

Career options: design engineer, technologist, mathematician, programmers, research staff, laser machine controller, radiophysicist, lighting technician and more.

Go beyond theoretical knowledge and gain hands-on experience in laser processing to become a sought-after expert in the field!

The laser is one of the genius inventions of mankind. Many high-tech companies both in Russia and abroad define laser technologies as one of the leading lines of work.  Due to that, there is a high demand for unique specialists in laser technologies for various areas of science and technology, namely: aviation and space, IT and telecommunications, materials processing and creation of surface for it, medical equipment and radio electronics.

The Program

  • focuses on training top quality professionals in the sphere of laser technologies
  • provides to the students full access to advanced equipment both at ITMO Laser Micro-and Nanotechnologies Lab and at LUT Laser Laboratory.
  • offers the students a wide range of internship options at leading companies in the field of laser technology

The students will learn

  • such applied courses as Modern welding technology, Advanced production engineering, Laser Materials Processing etc.;
  • to develop and design new systems based on laser technologies;
  • to maintain laser machines;
  • to work with optical materials;
  • to adjust and control special devices and installations.

Contents of the program

  • Mathematical modeling of physical processes
  • Laser-assisted micro- and nanotechnologies
  • Laser-matter interaction
  • Information and measuring laser technologies
  • Modern welding technology
  • Laser materials processing
  • Beam processing
  • Additive manufacturing

*The applicants are required to pass entrance examination sucessfully.


Faculty of Laser and Light Engineering

Prof. Vadim P. Veiko, Head of the Laser Technologies and Instrumentation Department


Dmitry A. Sinev, Assistant


Tel: +7 (911) 794-52-23