Big Data and Extreme Computing

Partner Country: NETHERLANDS

University partner: Oulu

Place of study: Russia, Netherlands
The result of the program: Master of Science (ITMO University) Master of Science (University of Amsterdam)
Duration: 2 Years, including one semester in the University of Amsterdam 120 credits
Master of Science (ITMO University) Master of Science (University of Amsterdam)
Language: English
Deadline for submission of documents: 01 July 2018
Entry requirements: Bachelor's degree in the field of computational science or equivalent, with excellent/good grades. CV & motivation letter. Upper-intermediate level of English. For admission to the partner university IELTS or TOEFL may be required*
Cost: 203 000 Rub for Russian students, 223 000 for foreign students (the fee noted is for the first year at ITMO, the fee for the second year will be set by the Partner University).

Career Options: for experts skilled in Big Data and Extreme Computing, there is an ocean of opportunities: research engineers, software analysts and developers in practice-oriented scientific centers, in companies owning Big Data Internet sources (social networks, media portals ect.), in consulting and marketing enterprises, as well as in software companies and system integrators developing Big Data infrastructures. 

In the modern world, information is power, and big data analytics is becoming an integral part of every organization and everything we do.

Do you want to be able to simulate the daily mobility of the urban population based on the model of artificial society and calculate the transportation demand of city dwellers?  Are you interested in the idea of modeling the infectious diseases propagation and tracing the infection propagation ways to test the most promising strategies for the epidemics control? Would you like to know how international criminal organizations create complex, decentralized networking structures and to be able to optimize the strategy of such networks disruption? All these and even more fascinating projects will be available if you join the Program!

The Program:

  • builds on students’ quantitative and analytical skills to derive value from data to influence business decisions and for research purposes;
  • emphasizes technical proficiency and practical experience with machine learning, database processing, data visualization and modeling, data storage, transfer and processing;
  • offers a personalized track depending on students’ specialization;
  • provides an opportunity to work hand-in-hand with researchers on the cutting edge of Big Data and Extreme Computing in the Netherlands and Russia;
  • brings an international perspective on best practices and emerging trends in Big Data analysis and supercomputing, preparing students for research and applied IT positions in world’s leading institutions, companies and agencies.

The students will learn:

  • how to create scientific and technological base of a modern distributed computing infrastructure for collecting, storing and processing very large data within Big Data technologies;
  • development of methods, models and highly effected algorithms for automatic extraction of knowledge from data by methods of machine learning and evolutionary computations;
  • development of modern systems for decision-making support which includes methods of artificial and collective intelligence based on extreme computing technologies; 
  • development of methods and technologies for distributed visualization and analyzing the visual analytics on the different devices (including virtual reality systems).

Content of the Program

ITMO University

1st Semester

  • Modern Informational Theory - 3 credits
  • Introduction to Computational Science  - 3 credits
  • Foreign Language - 3 credits
  • Internet and Web Technologies - 4 credits
  • Stochastic Mathematical Models - 6 credits

2nd Semester

  • Parallel Algorithms of Data Analysis and Synthesis - 6 credits
  • Models and Methods of Multidimensional Data Analysis - 4 credits
  • Infrastructures and Technologies for Big Data Processing - 6 credits
  • Introduction to eScience and eEngineering Technologies (OR) Machine Learning - 4 credits

University of Amsterdam

3rd Semester

  • Urgent Computing - 6 credits
  • Decision Support Systems based on Big Data (OR) Scalable Computational Algorithms  - 4 credits
  • Big Multimedia Data Processing and Analysis / Domain Specific Big Data Technologies / Scheduling in Distributed Computing Systems and Environments  - CHOOSE 3 OF 5 COURSES - 3 credits

4th Semester

  • Master Thesis - 18 credits
  • State Exam - 6 credits
  • Internship - 6 credits

 Both universities

  • Research Work - 8 credits
  • Individual Research Project - 2 credits
  • Group Work - 2 credits
  • Group Project in the Chosen Specialization  - 2 credits

*The applicants are required to pass entrance examination sucessfully.


ITMO International Admission Office