Computational Biomedicine

Partner Country: NETHERLANDS

University partner: Oulu

Place of study: Russia, Netherlands
The result of the program: Master of Science (ITMO University), Master of Science (University of Amsterdam)
Duration: 2 Years, including one semester in the University of Amsterdam (120 credits)
Master of Science (ITMO University), Master of Science (University of Amsterdam)
Language: English
Deadline for submission of documents: 01 July 2018
Entry requirements: Bachelor's degree in the field of computational science or equivalent, with excellent/good grades. CV & motivation letter. Upper-intermediate level of English. For admission to the partner university IELTS or TOEFL may be required*
Cost: 203 000 Rub for Russian students, 223 000 for foreign students (the fee noted is for the first year at ITMO, the fee for the second year will be set by the Partner University).

Career Options:  engineers-researchers, analysts and software developers in leading healthcare centers and structures which are connected to the arrangement of modern healthcare (government agencies, informative analytic centers, medical insurance funds etc.), at pharmacological production industry factories, and also at the companies-developers and system integrators providing information on health care.

Do you want to become a world-class specialist in IT, to apply predictive modeling methods and process BigData sets for translational medicine and public health domains? Then this program is for you!

Benefits of the Program:

  • a network structure, which includes practice-oriented disciplines implemented on the basis of Professor Vladimir Almazov North-West Federal Medical Research Center, the leading Russian institution combining basic and applied research in various medical fields and multi-disciplinary specialized care;
  • the curriculum offers an opportunity to choose the individual schedule of all the programs at both universities;
  • an excellent opportunity to be involved in fascinating hands-on research projects of eScience Research Institute
  • two Master’s diplomas of leading universities in the field of Computational Biomedicine

The students will learn:

  • theoretical basis, methods and technologies of decision-making support for 4P medicine (Personalized, Prevented, Predicted, Participatory Medicine);
  • algorithms for bioinformatics and genomic tasks;
  • methods of structured protein modeling and development of information technology for the balanced design of the pharmaceuticals;
  • models of the physiological processes in the human body (Virtual Physiological Human);
  • modeling methods of the public health department and how they’re used to improve the quality of the healthcare delivering;
  • technologies of the epidemical research which allow to analyze the interrelation of the disease incidence  of the population with the external ecological, cultural and socio-economical factors;
  • and more.

Contents of the Program

ITMO University

1st Semester

  • Applied Mathematics and Informatics - 5 credits
  • Continuous Mathematical Models - 6 credits
  • Big Data and Internet Technologies - 1 credit
  • Discrete Mathematical Models - 5 credits
  • Foreign Language - 3 credits

2nd Semester

  • Big Data and Internet Technologies - 3 credits
  • Probabilistic Mathematical Models - 4 credits
  • Machine Learning Methods - 3 credits
  • IT for Intensive Therapy - 3 credits
  • Medical Informatics - 3 credits
  • Medical Statistics (or) Mathematical Epidemiology - 4 credits

University of Amsterdam

3rd Semester

  • Predictive Modeling in Biomedicine - 6 credits
  • Genomics and Bioinformatics - 6 credits
  • Biomedicine Visualization or Medical Radiation Technologies - 3 credits
  • Decision Support Systems in Bioinformatics/Telemedicine - 5 credits

4th Semester

  • Master Thesis - 18 credits
  • State Exam - 6 credits
  • Internship - 6 credits

Both universities

  • Research Work - 8 credits
  • Individual Research Project - 2 credits
  • Group Work - 2 credits
  • Group project in the chosen specialization  - 2 credits

*The applicants are required to pass entrance examination sucessfully.


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