Molecular Nano and Biophotonics

Partner Country: FRANCE

University partner: Oulu

Place of study: France
The result of the program: Master of Laser Equipment and Laser Technology (ITMO University) Master of Nano- and Biophotonics for Telecommunications and Biotechnologies (ENS de Cachan)
Duration: 2 Years, including two semesters in the ENS de Cachan University 120 credits
Master of Laser Equipment and Laser Technology (ITMO University) Master of Nano- and Biophotonics for Telecommunications and Biotechnologies (ENS de Cachan)
Language: English
Deadline for submission of documents: 01 July 2017
Entry requirements: A completed academic Bachelor's degree (or first cycle degree) in the applicable fields, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Electrical Engineering, with good/excellent grades. Upper-intermediate level of English.
Cost: 199 000 RUR for Russian citizens 219 000 for foreign citizens (price noted is for first 2 semesters at ITMO, price for the second year will be set by Partner University).

Molecular Nano and Biophotonics ("MONABIPHOT") Double Degree Master’s Program:

  • Offers multi-disciplinary training in the new and rapidly developing field of nano-, bio-materials, photonic.

  • Provides knowledge in physics, technologies and application of new organic photonic materials

  • Covers new photonic elements for laser, bio-technologies and optical communications, as well as modern problems of polymeric nanocomposite materials.

  • Offers a personal, transdisciplinary pathway corresponding to a more specialized dimension of students’ training.

  • Graduates of the program can work in research institutes and laboratories, innovative production, business related to high-tech products. A unique experience of studying abroad offers great opportunities for self-realization.

ITMO University:

1st Semester:

Mathematic modeling of physical processes 6 credits
Electronics in laser-based technology credits
Methods and techniques of modern physical experimentation credits
Polymeric and planar photonic elements credits

Foreign business language (OR) Essential rights and protection of intellectual property


2nd Semester:

Philosophy (OR) Economics and innovative business management

Organic material in photonics credits
Use of laser technology in technological and data systems credits
Research work at ITMO University credits
Laser-based measurement technology credits


ENS de Cachan, Cachan, near Paris, France:

3rd Semester:

Light-matter interactions (advanced) credits
Nanothermics credits
Polymer-based photonic devices for optical communications and sensing  credits
Biophotonics: theoretical aspects of the use of fluorescence in biology credits
Ion channel recording using biochip technology credits
Microwaves and photonics credits

4th Semester:

Research work at ENS de Cachan credits
Thesis evaluation by ENS de Cachan credits
Final examination at ITMO credits
Thesis evaluation by ITMO credits



Maria Fokina, PhD, Associate professor
tel. +7 (812) 3251370
Roman Olehnovich
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